Rooftop Eclipse Towe

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- The water problem that appeared at the entrance has been solved! At the cost of a pool modification! Water collision has been removed! For people who want to have the original map, go to discord.

MLO Rooftop Eclipse Tower

Presentation trailer

Here is my new rooftop. The apartment is located on the 27th floor of the Eclipse Tower.
It has an incredible view of Los Santos. Everything is custom made.
The interior in mlo offers you a brilliant light, day or night.
This is a fully detail MLO. currently, it is my most successful project.


-Garage for 10 cars (custom cars)

- Rooftop
- Pool
- Basketball court
- Skate ground
- Heliport
- Several relaxation areas

- Livingroom
- Stay
- Office
- Kitchen
- Bedroom
- Bathrome
- Level


How to download this map?

1 This card is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System.
2 It will be activated only for your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
3 After your purchase, tebex will send you an email with the download link. You can also download it from your keymaster dashboard HERE- You can transfer your card to another CFX account!
Go to “Purchased Assets” / “Transfer to Another Account”.

(More info here!)

A fivem server is necessary for the map to work

Installation :      

1. Place the "rooftop" folder in your resource folder

2. Go to your server.cfg file and add the line "start rooftop

start rooftop    

- For the garage it is located just below the building! you are free to add a teleport script if you wish! (the violated points are the menyoo teleportation points)

Here is the exact position of the garage on the map:  X=   -783.7115,            Y=    376.8293,            Z=   55.88078



File and software used

- 3ds max

- Gims Evo

- Code walker

- dlcpack creator

- GTA V Map Helper

- Menyoo

- Photoshop

- OpenIV

Thank you to all these talented modders, without them, this "rooftop" would not exist.

Thanks to BigShaqNO Ketchup !! This person influenced me a lot.

Thanks to meimeiriver for his help

known bugs

This is my first MLO project. If you have any solutions against bugs, please tell me about it. This could improve the quality of my mods in the future.

If you make a youtube video plz dont forget

to give me credit :)



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