Creative House

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- Presentation trailer
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- IMPORTANT, please read the tutorial carefully before purchasing Creative House

How to download this map?

1 This card is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System.
2 It will be activated only for your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
3 After your purchase, tebex will send you an email with the download link. You can also download it from your keymaster dashboard HERE- You can transfer your card to another CFX account!
Go to “Purchased Assets” / “Transfer to Another Account”.

(More info here!)

-This mod is only available on fivm pc
- I would like to point out that this map is not 100% complete. This condition also applies to my other projects!
-a fivem server is necessary for the map to work
- Map size 133mo


1 Il y a deux dossiers!

Creative house dlc compatible: Compatible only for people who own the garage DLC

Creative house standard: Compatible only for people who do not have the garage DLC

2. There are two versions of creative house available

c1b7b51b7e9985e406a219718dc3101f2169a3ae.jpg f0e179ea8ef031cf13c931624c3f67d9a4b63186.jpg


Compatible for all server builders RECOMMENDED!!

Contains a creative house
No possibility of swimming


Not yet compatible for creators of public servers! more info in the tutorial (part 3)

Contains a creative house
Deep end of the pool
Possibility to swim
1.Place the "creativehouse"
folder in your resources folder

2. Navigate to your server.cfg file and create the line
"start creativehouse"

1.Place the "creativehouse_water"
folder in your resources folder

2. Navigate to your server.cfg file and create the line
"start creativehouse_water"

3. Place the file « heightmap.dat » dans


Part 3 is important!
Otherwise you will not be able to swim in the pool
You may not have a levels folder or a gta5 folder!
We'll have to create it!

Warning: clients of your server
will also need to complete step 3.

It is not possible to stream the heightmap.dat file to
the resources folder of your server at the moment!

I'm still looking for a solution to this problem!
I would like to solve this problem!
(if anyone knows a solution,
Do not hesitate to come
tell me about it on Discord :)

End of the tutorial you can play!!

If you have any questions or problems, go to my discord
I want to thank in advance everyone who buys creative house! you contribute to the creation of my projects!


If the map does not suit me! is it possible to claim a refund?
Of course! whatever the reason, it's satisfied or your money back! you have 14 days once the purchase is made!

I bought the map, but I did not receive an email to download it?
Send me a message on discord I will manually send you the email! tibex can have problems sometimes!

What is the size in MB? 

I bought the map, but once in the pool, I fall under water without being able to swim?
I advise you to install the recommended version which is
"Shallow pool version"


Optional: For a better gaming experience:

here are additional additions to the map

  • Vehicle
  • NPC
  • DJ concert on the basketball court

 You have the possibility to make appear the pnj and the festival part of this mod. For this you have two options:
- Either in YMAP. (only festival) This option will not show the npc/Véhicule
- Either with MENYOO (festival+pnj+Véhicule)

Place the "ext2_props2" and "laser" file in the "stream" folder
           Place the 0coline file in MenyooStuff\Spooner (The menyoo that you managed to install in fivm eh!!)


Here I am back for a new home concept for gtav. This is currently my biggest project ever! This map is optimized on fivem. This house has many things.
- Car park
- Pool
- NEW Slide
- NEW Labyrinth
- Basketball court
- Heliport
- Several relaxation areas
- Festival

- Living room
- Stay
- Desk
- Food
- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- 1 floor


Review from real estate agent dynasty 8:

If you dream of having the biggest house on the hills of Los Santos. It's possible! You will dominate everyone by far with this house! It offers a panoramic view of the city.

Its interior offers an assertive design. There is a large living room, a large kitchen, a large dining room... in short, everything is large and bright in this house!

On the outside, a lush garden awaits you. You can relax in your swimming pool with swimming lane, slide, diving board and labyrinth. This house allows you to show the thickness of your wallet of course! She might make your friends jealous!

You could show your non-existent talent in basketball. because the only thing you've managed to lift so far is your phone to make tiktoks
but it does not matter ! You can organize crazy rave parties with DJs! spot and laser at the rendezvous!

This house is made for you ! Frankly, to refuse such an offer, you really have to be stupid... sorry, I meant "misinformed!" This is an opportunity not to be missed

Anyway if you are interested don't hesitate!

Fichier et logiciel utilisés

- 3ds max
- Gims Evo
- Code walker
- dlcpack creator
- GTA V Map Helper
- Menyoo
- Photoshop
- OpenIV